As much as I hesitate to give a near perfect rating to any vendor, Joel and his Next Level Team were as advertised.

I called five DJ’s hoping to meet up in person before leaving back to Portland in 3 days. Two DJ’s said they were available to meet. One flaked. Joel didn’t. The fact that Joel made time to meet on such short notice speaks volumes about his willingness to work with his clients. And like other reviewers have said, we just got a good vibe from Joel. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make a decision.

The process after booking Next Level was easy. We filled out a music questionnaire sheet a couple weeks before the wedding, had some conversations over the phone with Joel a few days before the wedding and that’s it. Next thing I knew, it was the wedding day and Joel and his team were there early at the venue to set up. They mic’ed me up for the ceremony, the vows were heard by our guests, they played the right ceremony music. Done deal.

Reception time came around and they rolled with the party. They were very receptive to reading the crowd and did it very well. Dancing time came around and they killed it with the music. Im guessing the open bar helped a lot, but the dancefloor was packed till the end.

The biggest thing for my wife and I that we loved about Joel and his team was their laid back personalities. They seemed less like vendors and more like friends DJ’ing our party. And when you have that level of trust and comfort for a wedding vendor, all signs point to a bitchin good time.

For a group with the name Next Level, they’ve got a tall order to follow. And for my wife and I, and all our guests, Next Level Entertainment lived up to their name. They brought the party to a whole other level.

Ben Pigao


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