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Imagine walking into your reception to see your name and custom monogram in shinning on the dance floor or projected on the walls, and each of guest dropping their jaws as they enter the room. Next Level Entertainment specializes in creating these moments.  We want to create your personalized wedding — brining your story and love into focus.
If you don’t already have a personalized monogram design, we got you! We can help connect you with our professional graphic designers.

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Most Fun We’ve Ever Had…

I can’t thank Joe and Next Level Entertainment enough for providing the perfect music for our wedding on April 14th, 2012. We knew from the beginning of the process that the DJ can make or break a wedding, so we wanted a quality DJ and were just not 100% sure about some of the recommendations that we were getting. We did a search and I talked to Joe on the phone and just had a good feeling from the beginning. He was a little pricier than some of the other recommendations but in my opinion about what we were expecting to pay for a quality DJ, and he certainly earned his keep!

Even months before the wedding he would send me an email to keep in touch, and to get our opinions and suggestions on songs that we liked and expected. I kept putting off getting back to him and he persisted in keeping the communication going, which I really appreciate. We sent him a pretty detailed “must play/do not play” list which he absolutely nailed, adding perfect songs along the genre of what we were looking for, and even included songs that the older crowd at our wedding appreciated.

We knew he was going to be good when he perfectly timed the songs we requested to the entrance of our wedding party and our grand entrance, and it only got better from there. To say that our wedding was an epic dance party is an understatement. We were sweating, jumping, singing and shaking our butts off on the dance floor and when it was all said and done my bride and I looked back and agreed that it was the most fun we’ve ever had and the perfect and best day of our lives.

So much thanks to Joe for providing us with exactly the dance floor atmosphere we were looking for. We are from the mainland and didn’t get to meet Joe until the reception, so we were relying heavily on the reviews we found on sites such as this. So if you are like us, know that we would highly recommend Joe and Next Level to anyone that wants an awesome DJ for their wedding! Thanks again Joe!

Glenn & Jodi Counts

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