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Our beliefs, values, and promise to you


This is what makes us different from every other wedding DJ you’ll interview: We think outside the box to bring some of the best personalized entertainment to every single wedding. We don’t do cookie cutter. There is no one-size fits all.

  • We believe in sharing stories of when you were a little girl, playing interactive games, bringing unexpected surprises, and the pulling of heart strings with perfectly planned magical moments.
  • We believe in enchanting first dances, spotlights on your parents, tears on their cheeks, and the bringing together of two families — as one — through their love for you.
  • We believe in taking your guests on a journey through your love story to create an unforgettable evening.
  • We don’t use standard playlists or just mix an average set for the sake of “filling it with music.”  We are true craftsmen and understand how music makes people feel, brings them together, and creates lasting memories.


We Believe In Surrendering To The Moment:

Creating instances of “surrender-to-the-moment” is the purpose behind everything we do. We believe in laughing until your sides hurt, dancing until your legs fall off, and watching your aunties get down on the dance floor.

  • We believe that surrendering to the moment is the driving force that moves Next Level Entertainment forward, and the fire that propels us. It gives us purpose and heart.
  • We believe that playing great music creates opportunities to create new connections, and strengthen old ones.
  • We believe in bringing people together — that is the spirit behind everything we do at Next Level Entertainment.


We are well trained, award-winning DJs, Emcees, and Lighting FXs experts who stop at nothing to create that perfect personalized moment for you and your partner. We stay up-to-date on the latest music and technology trends, and obsessively push ourselves to be the finest entertainers in the world. In fact, a huge part of what we bring to the table is that same obsession for a your big day.

  • We believe in professionalism. We will be professional, prompt, and thorough in everything we do at Next Level Entertainment.
  • We believe in clear communication. You will always know what to expect, what comes next, and feel held throughout your wedding.


Here at Next Level Entertainment we pride ourselves on creating a seamless experience that our clients love. We want you to feel more like a good friend is DJing your wedding, not just any vendor.

  • We believe in getting personal. We put time into our planning process. We want to really get to know the story of you and your partner so we can bring your day from just another wedding day to your personalized best-day-ever. Our goal is to have every single event feel like it was emceed by their long time friend.
  • We believe in improvisation. At every wedding, we think on our feet, react to changing situations and always stay one step ahead.

We’d be honored to help celebrate you on your special day.

NLE Did Wonders…

Music sets the mood to any occasion and NLE did wonders with our wedding. They were nice, easy going, fun, flexible, and accommodating to every request. They had great improv through the evening, made sure the dance floor was always full, but most importantly made sure that we were happy. They are easy to get in touch with, very professional, and give great suggestions. Next Level Entertainment, thank you!

Chad & Joann Iha

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